Shaping the Future of

Employee Development


ACCORDING TO JOEY COLEMAN, the author of Never

Lose an Employee Again, employers recognize that “employees need to feel

like they matter, that what they’re doing matters, and that what they are

offering moves the needle forward.”

Research indicates that the impact of the pandemic has influenced

employees’ perceptions of work. For instance, in 2022, burnout ranked

high among employees’ concerns. However, by 2023, employee well-being

and training emerged as primary concerns, alongside the development of

talent and managers’ effectiveness. Employees seek inspiration,

engagement, and the assurance of their value within

organizations. As employers grapple with the costs of employee

turnover and workforce shortages, they cannot afford to

overlook their employees’ concerns.

“Employees seek inspiration, engagement,

and the assurance of their value within

organizations. As employers grapple with

the costs of employee turnover and workforce

shortages, they cannot afford to overlook their

employees’ concerns.”

vocational – that align with their career interests and academic,

social, and financial needs. We extend our comprehensive services by

collaborating with employers and offering tailored solutions in employee

coaching, development, and engagement, as well as change management,

leadership training, career and personality assessment, communications,

conflict resolution, and team building. This approach aids employees

in understanding and appropriately responding to their personal and

professional value within their organizations.

For-profit, nonprofit, small, and large employers in Delaware and the

surrounding area have enlisted HSCS to assist their leaders in creating a

culture where employees feel like they matter and their contributions are

significant. We believe that developing and coaching your workforce is

sound business sense, and assisting employees in meeting their career and

educational goals makes you a desirable employer! Providing support and

necessary tools for engaging and retaining employees enables employers

to implement a plan that encourages meaningful and intentional

contributions from employees to the organization.

Through our collaborative experiences with clients, employers

have fostered cultures and workplaces where employees comprehend

their contributions, career paths, and understand how to maintain

professional and personal well-being. Furthermore, our professional

leadership training, workshops, coaching, and individualized services aid

employers in demonstrating their commitment to retaining, engaging,

and valuing employees. Applying key principles and leadership and

employee development approaches inspires and fosters successful

employer-employee relations and work environments conducive to

individual and collective growth.

Holmes Smith Consulting’s main goal is to help clients,

employers, employees, and families by combining their

30+ years of expertise and experience in employee

development, college planning, and career development.

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Established in 2011, Holmes Smith Consulting Services, Inc. (HSCS)

has assisted leaders and managers in acquiring and applying the necessary

tools to retain and engage employees. A recipient of the 2018 Marvin S.

Gilman Superstars in Business Award of Excellence, this certified womanowned

consulting firm, under the leadership of Owner and CEO Dr. Pat

Smith, has experienced growth and continues to scale.

“I am proud to lead qualified and experienced experts specializing in

organizational, leadership, career and educational development, and change

management,” says Smith. “We have made a stark difference

through our deliberate approach to partnering with employers

and families to shape the future of employee development.”

Our interventions start early, assisting clients in making

informed post-secondary decisions – both college and

All eight of New Castle County Vo Tech’s

construction trade career program areas are

now registered Pre-Apprenticeship

Programs with the State of Delaware.

carpentry – Electrical Trades –

Plumbing – Masonry – HVAC –

Welding – Sheet Metal –

Industrial Mechanics/Millwright



Pre-apprenticeships offer industryaligned

training, multiple certification

opportunities, employer engagement,

hands-on experiential learning, and

opportunities to earn advanced

placement into NCCVT’s Adult Education

Apprenticeship program after graduation.