College Planning

Our seasoned consultants and counselors create detail and unique plans that are supportive of advising students and parents and individuals seeking to attend graduate and professional school. We assist our customers by:

  • Identifying the college(s) that will meet a student’s academic, social, and financial needs
  • Broadening the potential college choices
  • Selecting college majors and career paths
  • Providing essay writing feedback
  • Helping to locate private scholarships
  • Weighing factors such as best college fit and cost
  • Guiding to plan, organize, and meet deadline dates
  • Identifying graduate and professional schools that will meet their career goals
  • Providing professional feedback to strengthen college applications and personal statements
  • Locating scholarships, graduate and teaching assistantships
  • Defining career plans and identifying barriers to achieve career goals

Holmes Smith Consulting Services in partnership with the Parents & Guardians College Planning Conference, The Boys & Girls Clubs of Delaware and the Navient Community Fund is excited to offer “Families Creating a Pathway to Pay for College: Interests, Talents, and Community Involvement” Seminar at the Greater Dover Boys & Girls Club in the state of Delaware on May 6. Come meet with College Representatives, learn different avenues to pay for college, and take advantage of a host of digital and on display college information. Please click event flyer for details.